So you’ve read Bill Thomas’ article about the NUPROL N79 but it is still a few days away from payday (and you don’t fancy paying 1,297% interest on a “quik, quik” loan) but you really, really want one of these awesome grenade-chuckers!

Fear not, as NUPROL have once again come up trumps and are letting us give away a full-length N79 in this issue’s competition, along with three shells to get you going!

In his write up, Bill said of the NUPROL N79…

The “NP79s” are indeed things of beauty and I have to say that the overall finish and quality of the two samples (one full length and one “cut down”) I was sent to try are as good as any replica that I’ve seen on the market to date! When you look at it the N79 does indeed resemble a single barrel, large bore, break-action shotgun and, just like the real thing, it is a simple design, having only five major parts consisting of a receiver group, a fore-end assembly, a barrel group, a sight assembly and a stock.

…and all you have to do to win this awesome prize is answer a few (very) simple questions and get your answers in before the closing date. What could be more simple than that!

So, without further ado, here are the questions…

  1. What size rounds, in millimetres, does the N79 fire?
  2. As a result of what US Army project was the M79 created?
  3. What was the lethal radius of the M406 40mm HE grenade?
  4. What did Australian troops in Vietnam call the M79?
  5. How many versions of the NUPROL N79 are there?

To be in with a chance of winning, send your answers in before midnight on 22nd August 2018 using the form and if yours is the first correct entry drawn out of the Ed’s hat, you’ll win a NUPROL N79 plus three shells, courtesy of NUPROL.

NUPROL N79 Competition

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