Superesse Straps

Superesse Straps are focussed on making paracord bracelets outfitted with survival kits. The survival tools and gear are either attached to the strap or secured under the paracord weave.

Superesse differs from other competitors by providing custom, made-to-order, bracelets allowing you to pick and choose from 80+ options. This lets you design a bracelet that fits your needs, rather than having to make do with a “standard” selection of tools.

bobproThe Superesse range includes the “SERE Sidekick”, “Medic”, “Bug Out Bracelet Pro”, “E&E Pathfinder”, “EDC Prepper” and “Camper” and each is designed to purposely serve the need for which it is required. For example, the Medic bracelet is a wearable first-aid kit equipped with tools and supplies for coping with a field emergency, whilst the SERE Sidekick includes tools to allow you to create fire, purify water, cut cords and trap or hunt food.

Bracelets can have a variety of optional upgrades and extras added and come packed in a rust-proof, water-tight survival tin that can be used for boiling water or as a signal mirror etc.

Superesse Straps is a veteran-owned business, operated out of North Carolina, USA by an ex-soldier who served with the US Army Special Operations Command, where he received extensive tactical, SERE, land-nav and unconventional warfare training. While deployed, he would craft paracord bracelets as a pastime and morale booster for his team. He’s since applied his training and experience to developing survival bracelets themed for various lifestyles and adventures.

He is currently serving in the US Army Reserves part time and as a Law Enforcement Officer full time.
Superesse Straps are looking for distribution and retail opportunities Worldwide and can be contacted via their website,