Silencer – Andy McNab

Scrambling to my feet, I grabbed the TV remote control from the arm of the settee. Holding it dagger-style, thumb over the top of the slim plastic sheath, I brought it down between his eyes. He staggered back but didn’t fall. I got right up close, grabbed hold of the back of his head and rammed the remote again and again into his face.

I left him to sort out his own little world of pain as his mate hauled himself off his knees. I gave him the remote treatment too, in the temple, three, maybe four times. When the plastic finally cracked I jammed it into his mouth, forcing it with both hands to the back of his throat. His eyes bulged as it cut off his oxygen supply and vomit forced its way between my fingers. His arms and legs flailed for a moment, then went limp. His mate had done the right thing, as far as I was concerned and made a run for it.

Silencer - Andy McNabIf you like reading books at full throttle, then Andy McNab’s latest novel should be right up your street.

Silencer is Andy McNab’s newest best-seller, is his fifteenth in the Nick Stone series and like the 14 before it an action-packed, non-stop roller-coaster of a book which starts in the jungles of Columbia before coming bang up to date in Moscow and then heading off around the world in a frantic race to protect those most dear to him.

To most casual readers, McNab is synonymous with one book; “Bravo Two Zero” and it may come as some surprise to discover that he is, in fact, a prolific writer. Beyond B-20, he has also written three other Non-Fiction titles (Spoken From The Front, Seven Troop and Immediate Action), three separate series of books for young adults and three audio stories, which are narrated by Stephen Moyer. Not content with that, amongst his fiction titles is The Russian: Battlefield 3, written following his collaboration with the game-makers and taking the story into new areas that cannot be found within the game.

In Silencer it is 2012, Nick Stone is semi-retired and living the quiet life in Moscow with his wife and their new-born son. When things start to go wrong with the pregnancy they call upon the private doctor who has been looking after his wife – and that’s where the brown stuff hits the aircon!

The doctor saves his son and then goes missing and in the search to find her Nick realises that if he doesn’t act his cover will be well and truly blown, putting not only his life in danger but also that of his wife and son – and he wasn’t about to let that happen.
The tale twists and turns at a breathless pace and Nick finds himself drawn back to a place deep in the Columbian jungle where, nineteen years previously, he had terminated the life of the world’s most murderous drugs cartel boss. He had to get in close and hoped he’d get away without being seen – but he was and who saw him didn’t forget what he’d done.

In true McNab style, the book is full of snippets that you can only guess come from many years spent in an intimate relationship with the weapons and kit used in the story. His descriptions are always bang on and written, not from information gleaned on Wikipedia and pieced together, but from a deep understanding that brings it to life off the page. To quote the Sunday Times; “McNab’s great asset is that the heart of his fiction is non-fiction: other military writers do their research, but he has actually been there.”
…and you can’t say fairer than that!

Silencer is published by Bantam Press and is available in hardback, ebook and on audio cd from Andy and from all good book shops. It is also available from Amazon in Kindle edition format.

So if you’ve got a few quid left after the Christmas and New Year splurge and want a good book, get hold of a copy of Silencer by Andy McNab – start at the front and I promise you will not put it down until you have read the back cover!