Kit & Kaboodle – March 2015

Gear Dynamics
Gear DynamicsGear Dynamics are a Canadian-based designer and manufacturer of tactical equipment that I have been following for some time. They supply a variety of off the shelf kit (belts, rigs and slings) but are able to do commissioned work, should you require something a little more bespoke. They also have a very extensive range of both camouflage patterns and solid colours for their kit (around 25 to choose from), so something for everyone. My recent purchase was two of their “Accelerator” slings with the QR (quick release) attachment, in Pencott Badlands for myself and Kryptek Highlander for a friend. These two-point weapon slings are very lightweight, easily fitted, simple to use and very effective. The QR attachment is an “add on” but well worth the cost and they are working on a padded version of the sling as we speak.

MilspecmonkeyNow it may surprise a few of you who know me but I am not going to reference their worldwide recognised signature products (patches), instead I want to highlight their range of “hooded tops”.
I have been wearing MSM Hoodies for the past four years and I currently have all the models, which are: Polar1, Heavy ECONO and RAW (I have 2 of these). They are available in a variety of solid colours: OD, Charcoal, Tan and Black. Each one has a purpose, which is predominately based around the material used; from Polartec Thermal Pro material, through to 80% cotton/20% polyester blend fleece. They all have heavy duty Velcro panels on the left and right arms for patches and some come with extras, such as inside stash pockets or thumb holes in the cuffs (model specific). The one pictured is the “OD Heavy ECONO”, that was more than hardy enough for -2C in rural Scotland.

Haley Strategic Partners
HSPOK, so this is a blatant teaser of HSP gear but trust me when I say the wait will be worth it!
In next month’s issue of Airsoft Action we will bring you a UK Exclusive review of the Haley Strategic Partners D3CR-H (Heavy), which is the big brother of the D3CR that was released in 2013. We have them in both Coyote Brown and Multicam and as you can see, we are already getting to grips with them.