EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership.

This is an Open Message to every player, retailer, distributor, site operator, manufacturer and media person who does not want to see airsoft destroyed by an ill-conceived, knee-jerk EU dictat…

In the wake of the Paris atrocities, you may well have heard something about the EU’s plans for legislating on “replica firearms” and that “realistic imitation firearms” are being lumped into the same legislation.

I am not going to get into a “what if this, what if that” debate here but, suffice it to say that, if this does happen, airsoft in Europe will change forever – and none of it is in a good way!!

EVERY part of airsoft in this country will be affected and it WILL effect EVERYONE who has ANYTHING to do with AIRSOFT – but it is not all doom and gloom, we can do something about it but it will take a monumental effort… from EVERYONE!

The last time something like this reared its (very) ugly head from the EU they received so many objections that the proposal was never finalised – so that is what we must do again.

If EVERY SINGLE AIRSOFTER IN THE UK sends in an objection then there is a very good chance that this, coupled with the same action being taken in just about every other EU country where airsoft is played, will gain the same result and this odious piece of EU interference will be stopped.

To send in an objection, you should head over to the following:…

…where you can complete the “Feedback” section.

You might also want to upload a letter, setting out your reasons for objecting (which is what I have done).

I am not too bad when it comes to writing letters (I’ve had a fair bit of practice) so have used my letter to create a “template” for others, should they want to use it.

The template can be downloaded from here:…/eu-firearms-directive-objection…

…just make sure you add you name and the date at the top, then sign it and add your name at the bottom. If you have a graphic of your signature you can use that and if not, print it, sign it, scan it, create a PDF and upload that.

If you wish to write your own letter, make sure you do it as an individual and keep it non-threatening, non-emotional and to the point.

The points you should raise are (and thanks to for the following):

“Your main demand should be that: Non convertible replica’s should not be placed in Category C of directive 91/477/EEC.

Your talking points need to polite and to the point and could for instance address:

– Airsoft players are not responsible for terrorism.
– You cannot covert airsoft replica’s in to real firearms.
– The EU would turn millions of EU citizens in to criminals.
– The cost of such an EU wide system would be astronomical.
– It would take way police capacity away from actual terrorist investigations.
– It would punish law abiding EU citizens for Terrorism.
– Airsoft replica’s are safe
– Terrorists are not worried by things like registration anyway.
– Such a database would never be complete considering there are tens of millions of replica’s in the EU.”

You are welcome to spread the template to as many of your friends, colleagues and fellow airsofters as possible but please, whatever you do, DO SOMETHING – AND DO IT NOW!

Thank you.