Airsoft Action TV Launched!

Want a bit more out of your monthly instalment of Airsoft Action? Would you like to see that newly reviewed AEG’s rate of fire for yourself? Or perhaps you’d just like to see what the team get up to on weekends? If so you’re in luck, as Airsoft Action magazine has launched Airsoft Action TV on YouTube.

Over the last few months the Airsoft Action team have been working hard to give you a little “something extra” to supplement your enjoyment of the UK’s most popular airsoft magazine.

In the last seven years or so, as the country’s leading airsoft magazine, we’ve brought you world exclusives of scorching new AEGs, travelled the world to show you the best sites and events and displayed a wealth of military and outdoors kit, both retro and cutting edge, for your delectation. But there is only so much we can show you on the printed page and for that reason we’ve launched Airsoft Action TV, to give you extra content as an Airsoft Action reader.

So if you loved our review of that new AK74 model and were impressed with how taken we were with its accuracy and rate of fire, or perhaps you’ve always fancied an airsoft shotgun but were not sure how effective they can be, well now you can see for yourself by simply logging into YouTube and viewing whichever video episode suits you.

Regular hosts Gareth “Gadge” Harvey and Tom “Anvil” Hibberd will be joined by special guest presenters from the Airsoft Action team and airsoft community to discuss every aspect of our great hobby and bring Airsoft Action direct to your laptop, tablet, phone or TV screen free of charge.

Extra Content!

Airsoft Action TV will predominantly be offering extra content to our printed features and we’ll be able to look at many of the articles in greater detail. For example, in a recent issue we looked at the “Evotek” upgrade package for ASG’s Scorpion Evo… in the article I can tell you all about the impressive rate of fire the modifications give the SMG but if you watch the “Evotek” video alongside reading the article, you can also hear and see that blistering rate of fire!

In previous episodes we’ve used slow motion footage to show you exactly how effective BB shower grenades are and in our own take on “mythbusters” put a couple of “airsoft myths” to bed.

We won’t only be building onto the print articles, however, at times we’ll also go and explore interesting aspects of our great hobby, whether it’s a full-on MilSim, a post-apocalyptic weekender or a super new store that’s opened up… we’ll send the team to cover it in both print and video.

To date the guys have reviewed a score of great guns from established classics, such as the ICS L86 LSW, through to a world exclusive review of ASG’s new “Commander” gas pistol. As well as reviewing AEGs, pistols, shotguns and the like the team have also tackled such diverse topics as picking the perfect boot for airsoft, getting the best out of combat rations, exploring international airsoft and many more subjects close to every airsofter’s heart.

Perhaps you’re worried about taking your AEG on public transport to a game? Well then watch our jargon free, no messing discussion on safe transit of your “weapon of choice”. Perhaps though, you want to know more about the inside “gubbins” of your AEG, or the ins and outs of historical loadouts. In both cases you’re in luck, as well as our regular weekly video update we’ll also be posting up occasional episodes of “Tom’s Tech Tips” (in our first episode of this Tom shows you how to change the motor in an AK or AR AEG) and “Gadge’s Gear” , in which we’ll look at real world military kit in detail.

Get Involved!

What’s more Airsoft Action TV is something that YOU, the reader, can be an active part in. We’ll be travelling the country (and overseas) to visit the best sites and events with the “Outside Broadcast Unit” (or “OBU” as we call it) so if you see any of the team at a game near you then feel free to come and talk to us and perhaps we can get some footage of you “in-game” and in action in our video footage of the event. Even better, why not tell us what you’d like to see as a future Airsoft Action TV video and we’ll do our best to take your great ideas on board.

It’s important for us that Airsoft Action TV is FOR players and created BY players and to that end you won’t see us in a fancy studio or creating our own “mini movies”. Instead you’ll be treated to genuine airsoft chat over a mug of coffee by dedicated hobbyists, exciting (and un-tampered with) in-game videos (no 50kam (Kills A Minute) videos here), with gun and accuracy tests a-plenty. Above all, it’s not about being an online “celebrity”, it’s about airsoft!

If you’d like to be involved with Airsoft Action TV keep a regular eye on our Facebook page to see what video we’re releasing this week and leave comments and suggestions for what you’d like to see. Even better, visit and watch our videos, click like if you think it’s a good one and most importantly “Subscribe” so we can make sure that you get notified of any new content as soon as we publish it.

We’ll be uploading a new airsoft video every Thursday evening, so make sure you’re among the first to see it and join the ranks of the Airsoft Action TV subscribers club!