Airsoft Action Launches Airsoft Action TV!

Starting this Easter you can get more from your monthly instalment of Airsoft Action.

Tom ‘Anvil’ Hibberd and Gareth ‘Gadge’ Harvey have been working hard over the last few weeks to bring Airsoft Action TV to your screen via YouTube. Each week Gadge and Anvil will be building on the excellent print content available in the magazine and via digital download with a series of down to earth and honest video shorts showcasing some of the best features in our current issue.

What’s more, as well as expanding upon up to date airsoft issues, the Airsoft Action TV guys will also be retrospectively revisiting some of our favourite articles from the past five years of Airsoft Action articles in our own informal style so don’t be surprised to see us sometimes look back at a blast from the past.

With over 30 years’ experience in the airsoft industry between them, Anvil and Gadge tackle the key issues and products coming to stores near you in a friendly and informal fun fashion over a cup of coffee (served in our fave Airsoft Action mugs!) at the kitchen table.

In our launch video the team will be joining in with the ASG international Blaster Tour and having a quick look at the innovative electronics in ASG’s Scorpion EVO 3. In future episodes the guys are planning to take some of their favourite new airsoft products out for ‘field tests’ so you can see exactly how those AEGs cycle or how long that new smoke grenade burns for as well as tackling some of the more controversial issues in airsoft in debates with special guests from the industry.

So why not subscribe to Airsoft Action TV on YouTube and bring a bit more to your monthly magazine.